Nobody Knows
(she has a nerve!)
A captivating report on a twist in handling one toxic masculinity.

"Then again, he laughed nervously. She hasn't got anything on me."
Paper Pills
(she imagines him)
A story of the tall dark girl and doctor Reefy's hold on her thoughts (that he scribbled on bits of paper).

"At times it seemed to her that as he talked he was holding her body in his hands."
The Book of the Grotesque
(not easily explained)
A story that travels the distance of the great many notions the Old Writer had when his heart fluttered:
"A dream that was not a dream."
(her restless passions)
A story of 27-year-old Alice Hindman's realization that many people must live and die alone, even in Winesburg:
"Not for years had she felt so full of youth and courage."
The Philosopher
(the very essence of truth)
A tale of Dr. Parcival, known for walking a winding line between the actuality of his life and the drama of his projections:
"I was a reporter like you here."
(dreams enacted)
A moving record of George Willard's 7:45a flight from Ohio:
"...the town of Winesburg had disappeared, and his life there had become but a background on which to paint the dreams..."